Services offered:

Individual Therapy
Couples Counseling
Family Therapy
Play Therapy
Mental Health Evaluations
Custody Evaluations

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Ms. Scott is not a physician and cannot prescribe medication.
Referrals can be made for this purpose.


Children (3 & up)

The following disorders are areas of experience for this provider:
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adults, Oppositional Defiant
    Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder.
  • Major Depression, Dysthymia, Cyclothymia, Bipolar Disorder
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety
    Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social anxiety
  • Personality Disorders
  • Eating Disorders / Food addiction - Ms. Scott is a recovering food addict and is maintaining a
    114-pound weight loss. Coordination with a primary care physician and other physicians, if
    necessary, will be required for those seeking to lose weight as their primary presenting issue.

The following life cycle issues are additional areas of experience:
  • Loss due to death, divorce, or a change of residency
  • Coping with chronic illness, End of life issues. Ms. Scott is a breast cancer survivor.
  • Premarital issues, Family and individual developmental stage issues, Restructuring of the
    family / blended (step) families, Family-of-origin issues

Ms. Scott has also worked with victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse
Ms. Scott has performed Mental Health Evaluations and Custody Evaluations

Fees & Payment information:
Never been to counseling? Apprehensive?
Want to explore your options without
having to make a payment or a commitment?

This is your chance to determine if counseling is right for you, your
marriage, and/or your family

Florida residents: Mention this website and receive a
FREE 30-minute office consultation

The purpose of this consultation will be for perspective clients to see the office, meet the
counselor, ask questions about this counselor's credentials and training, explore possible
need for services, explore this counselor's experience in the areas of concern, etc. It is also
an opportunity for Ms. Scott to meet potential clients and screen them to determine if her
training and experience are appropriate for potential clients and the issues being presented.
This consultation may also be done over the phone.  

Need for alternate or additional services may be identified
during this consultation and will be addressed.

Note: Reports of abuse, neglect, or abandonment of a child, elder, or disabled person will be reported to
FL child/elder/disabled abuse hot lines, as required by law.  

Any person who is expressing suicidal or homicidal thoughts or intent should be
immediately taken to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 9-1-1.
You can also call the National Hopeline Network at
1-800-442-HOPE (4673)
The initial consultation being offered is not appropriate for these circumstances.

If you choose to receive counseling services, client fees are as follows:

35 for 50-minute session unless eligible for sliding scale fee (see below).

Mental Health Evaluations are conducted over time until all information needed is gathered
and are billed by the hourly charge of $135.00 including the time it takes Ms. Scott to write
needed reports. It is the client's responsibility to make sure the Court will be satisfied with
Ms. Scott's credentials and experience. Your lawyer may be able to answer that question.

Child Custody evaluations are billed at a rate of $
5,000.00 per evaluation (each side is
responsible for half of the fee). This fee may be higher if there are extenuating
circumstances that require more time.
This fee includes up to 8 hours worth of meetings with this counselor per side, research on child custody
laws in the state that has jurisdiction of the case, telephonic communication with the attorneys involved
and the judge, if necessary. This fee also includes a written report to the court as to this evaluator's
recommendation or telephonic court appearance.
In-person appearance will result in additional charges for time, travel, meals, and lodging.
Both lawyers and the judge typically have to approve of Ms. Scott doing the evaluation. Contact your
lawyer and state that you are interested in exploring whether or not Ms. Scott's services might be
acceptable to the other party, to both lawyers involved, as well as to the judge and ask your attorney to
contact Ms. Scott for more information. It is best for potential clients seeking this service to allow their
attorneys to handle initial contact with Ms. Scott.

You may be eligible for a sliding scale fee for therapy services (not offered for mental health evaluations,
child custody evaluations, worker's comp cases, or motor vehicle accident cases) if you are earning
than $60,000 gross annual household income
Fee will range from $
100 - $130 depending on income and type of services requested. Fee reduction is
done as a courtesy from the provider.
Proof of income is required in order to be considered for this
discount. Clients will pay full price until proof of income is provided and accepted by this provider. Clients
will be expected to provide ongoing proof of income, as requested by the provider throughout the course
of treatment, in order to remain eligible for sliding scale fee. No exceptions to the above requirements will
be made. If a person cannot pay the fee quoted, alternative providers will be suggested.
Ms. Scott can only accept a limited number of clients requesting sliding scale fee).
Payment is due at the time services are rendered.
Information regarding additional services such as intensive therapy, marathon sessions,
and telephone sessions for established clients, as well as fees for these services, may be
requested from this provider.

Office hours are typically Monday through Friday for established clients. Limited availability
for early morning and evening appointments. Late night, weekend, and holiday sessions
may be billed at a higher rate.

Ms. Scott is not a participating provider in any insurance plan, however some plans may reimburse some
or all of a client's services if they have out-of-network, or non-participating provider coverage.
Ms. Scott is a
non-participating provider for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida and United Behavioral
Health. The client who has BC/BS or United Behavioral Health coverage as their primary or secondary
insurance is responsible for payment of fees at the time services are rendered. A receipt for services
rendered will be provided to the client, which the client may choose to submit to BC/BS or United
Behavioral Health for consideration. It is the client's responsibility to determine if their insurance
company will reimburse for office visits. Your insurance company may require a referral for therapy
services by a physician. It is the client's obligation to explore their insurance plan's requirements and
Ms. Scott strongly recommends that you do this prior to beginning services so you know
what to expect and can determine if you want to proceed with services.
It may be detrimental to your overall progress if you begin therapy and stop abruptly.
This is most noted by Ms. Scott when working with couples.

Every person, couple, and situation is unique. While there is no way to determine beforehand exactly how
many sessions will be needed to resolve your particular issue(s), Ms. Scott will be happy to explore this
with issue with you at the initial consultation.
Veronica M. Scott, M.A., LMHC, LMFT
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