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Veronica M. Scott, M.A., LMHC, LMFT
Clients will be required to establish proof of identity prior to sessions beginning. Clients
are responsible to protect their own confidential information by monitoring use of their
computer and credit card statements.

Session fees for telephonic or Email sessions will be the same as a live session
35 for a 50-minute individual session). Sliding scale fees are also available and
applicable for telephonic or Email sessions with qualifying proof of income. Billing of
Email sessions will be determined by duration spent on 1 email from client and 1 return
email from this therapist as determined by this therapist. Telephonic sessions begin at the
time the contact is achieved and ends when the call is disconnected. Counselor is not
responsible for dropped, misdirected, or lost calls or Emails, and interruptions from other
incoming calls may occur during a telephonic session. Clients will only be charged for time
used. Clients are responsible for any long distance or peak time charges if requesting
calls at times that result in these charges but will not exceed actual charges
that are incurred by this counselor.

This provider offers Email and telephone counseling services.
These services will be available for established clients who have
met with this counselor in the office to initiate services. On
occasion, this may be done for out-of-state clients. Please be
advised that this counselor is licensed under FL State only and
legal and ethical requirements of FL State will govern interactions
with this counselor as a result.

Online and telephone counseling services are not appropriate for
all people or situations. The services offered by this provider are
not for crisis situations. Please be aware that you may be referred
for local live services by this provider at any time if your situation
is beyond that which this provider feels comfortable treating via
Email or over the telephone.
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For your own protection, please do not
include confidential information in this form.
If you feel that you or someone you know is feeling suicidal or homicidal
or you feel that you or someone else is at-risk for serious or foreseeable harm,
please contact your nearest hospital emergency room or call 9-1-1.

Consult your telephone book or call 4-1-1 to locate numbers for your local crisis centers.
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